What are the Early Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes?

Sugar diabetes is considered Type 1 diabetes in which there is high sugar or glucose level in the blood and not enough of it is found in the cells of a person’s body. Type 2 diabetes happens when the cells of the body become resistant to the insulin which is being produced in the body. In both the cases, the body cells do not get the required amount of glucose and thus the body shows almost the same warning signs and symptoms. To know about the early symptoms of sugar diabetes, you can go through the following information:What are the Early Symptoms of Sugar Diabetes?

Regular Need to Urinate

If you have recently observed your frequency need to go to the bathroom to urinate, then this can be a warning sign for sugar diabetes. Urination becomes very frequent in case the glucose level in the blood is very high and thus this is a clear sign of Type 1 diabetes.

This happens because insulin becomes almost ineffective and the kidneys are unable to filter the glucose to the blood which causes a full bladder and therefore the need to urinate.

Excessive Thirst

Feeling dehydrated almost all the time and experiencing unquenchable thirst is also a clear sign of Type 1 diabetes or sugar diabetes. In fact if this need to drink water is going together with the frequent need to urinate, you must get your diabetes checked ASAP! The reason for excessive thirst is because the body is squeezing extra water from the body and this results in frequent urination. Thus more water is required to quench the thirst.

Weakness and Tiredness

If you have been feeling more tired lately and there is constant experience of weakness, then you might want to get your glucose level checked as this is a symptom of sugar diabetes. This sign occurs because the cells have become short of energy because insulin is ineffective and thus this causes fatigue and weakness.

Weight Loss

Have you been experiencing unexpected loss in your body weight lately? If yes then it is a sign of sugar diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, this symptom is very common and it happens because the pancreas stop making insulin and body keeps looking for a source of energy.