Disinfectants for a Healthy Home

Disinfectant solutions rank topmost among household cleaning products. They are considered essential for keeping the home clean and more importantly free from infection causing organisms. Thus disinfectants are foremost barriers of foreign particles and the first line of defense towards fighting infectious diseases.  Here are the top household disinfectant products available in the market for you to choose from:

1. Disinfecting Multi Surface Cleaner from Seventh Generation

 Disinfecting Multi Surface Cleaner from Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a brand of disinfectant solutions that are not just health-friendly but also environment friendly. Almost all the ingredients used in their disinfecting multi surface cleaner are obtained from natural sources making it a 99% organic and synthetic chemical-free disinfectant. It is the first of its kind and hence ranks highest among household disinfectants.

2. Clorox Soft Scrub Disinfectant Cleanser

Clorox Soft Scrub Disinfectant Cleanser

The most loved brand of disinfectant in the USA, Clorox has only one chemical in it – Sodium hypochlorite. The brand uses optimum amount of this age-old disinfectant so as to reduce the burden of chemical pollution on the planet.

3. Lysol All Purpose Cleaner – Trigger

Lysol is another very popular household name in disinfectants. The All Purpose Cleaner – Trigger is available in lemon breeze and fresh mountain fragrance options. Its disinfectant cleans, deodorizes and disinfects any surface – from your kitchen countertop to the bathroom counter, at the press of a trigger. It has proven disinfectant properties and claims to kill 99% of the bacteria and viruses on any surface. It is tough cleaner and removes grit and grim and also soap scum.

4. Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner

A product of the globally renowned brand Amway, Pursue range of disinfectants are good at their job. The formulation of Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner is a combination of ammonium chloride solutions that ensure complete hygiene in a matter of seconds. The only flip side being that the product is made of synthetic chemicals and hence not very eco-friendly.

5. Young Living Thieves Spray

Young Living Thieves Spray

While the disinfectant properties of Young Living Thieves Spray are good, the formulation raises some level of health concern. It contains ethyl alcohol that can affect your health. The other ingredients are all natural extracts and hence not harsh on the environment. Young Living Essential Oils is the manufacturer of this spray disinfectant which can be sprayed on door knobs, toilet seats and surfaces that are prone to colonization by microorganisms.