Natural Ways To Burn Fat and Achieve Weight Loss

When discussing about body building, weight loss supplements and fat burners come foremost in the list. Fat burners as a means of achieving weight loss are one of the strategies employed by body builders to get rid of the fat and replace it with lean muscle.

From green tea to ephedrine, here are 7 natural diet supplements that work as fat burners too.

1.Vitamin D & Calcium

Vitamin D is a vital component that helps maximize insulin activity. This way the sugars in your diet get used up as fast as possible before they accumulate and get converted to fat. Thus vitamin D is an indirect fat burning supplement. Calcium on the other hand is stored in all fat cells. This calcium binds to the fat cells and prevents it from absorption. Both calcium and vitamin D are available as formulations in the drug stores.


Proteins are bulky substances and hence take longer time to break. This promotes satiety and keeps you away from food for longer. Proteins are the building blocks of our muscles. They have all the essential organic elements that for the muscle. In this muscle building process the use up fat. Including protein shakes as part of the diet supplements is a common practice in weight training and body building.


Ephedra is a plant that produces the alkaloid ephedrine. Consuming this natural compound in the concentrated form is another natural way of burning body fat as it is found to be a heat generator or thermogenic. The purified form of ephedra is known as ephedrine and available in capsule form. It increases blood pressure, cardiac output and the metabolic rate of the body. This makes it a good fat burner and helps in reducing weight.

4.Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Better known as fish oils, these fatty acids are found in abundance in fish such as Salmon. Many dry fruits and nuts are also rich in these fats. Omega 3 fatty acids work by enhancing the activity of those enzymes that trigger fat burning pathways. Consuming capsules of cod liver oil is a good way of supplementing your diet with fat burners.

5.Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Commonly known by their acronym MUFA, these are found naturally in olive oil, avocados, seeds and nuts. They are known to be efficient in burning fat by keeping a check on the sugar levels. They are also good at improving satiety and reducing appetite.


Found very abundantly in green tea, polyphenols have a hoard of medicinal properties in addition to reducing fat. The polyphenols work by stepping up your metabolic rate and cardiac output of the body. Available in the form of tea bags, green tea can be incorporated in your diet as easily as water.