P90X2 the Sequel to P90X – What People Saying a Year Later

Outrageous training is one of the phrases that many users of P90X2 have used to describe the sequel to America’s #1 home workout program P90X. After a year of being available, what are people saying now about it? Is it as much of a success and challenge as originally thought? And is it worth looking into it over the original workout? All of these questions are now being asked as we approach the 1 year anniversary of P90X2.

Power 90 Extreme – A Work In Progress

P90X2 evolved from P90X which was formed from Tony Horton’s original 90 day workout called Power 90. The franchise is now a trilogy with no end in sight. As sports medicine and new health science and research emerge the programs continue to grow and develop in their never ending quest to be the best. P90X2 is the latest in this ever changing world of health and fitness.

The program aims to be tougher, faster, and more envelope pushing than any other in the series. While many of the exercises may not be “new” they are all more extreme forms of their predecessor. For instance instead of plain ole pushups which are used in Power 90, P90X pushed the envelope by utilizing push up forms found in navy seal training like diamond pushups or airborne style.

Now with P90X2, the classic pushup has been taken to a whole new level with the incorporation of medicine balls. This style of improving on what’s tried and true is the heart of this workout routine.

P90X2 Has Three Key Phases

Like any good workout routine building a solid foundation of which to build from is essential. In P90X2 the first phase is called “Foundation” and last for the first 30 days. This is the most important phase as its development is what the results you get from the other two phases are based on. Giving anything less than 100% during foundation will simply mean lower returns over the next 60 days.

One unique change to P90X2 from the original program is the allowance to spend more time in a particular phase before moving on.  If you feel you’re not ready to move on, don’t. It’s better to spend more time in that phase until your strength and endurance levels are at a point to move on.

The next two phases of P90X2 are based on building strength and then using that strength to gain more performance. While not a program to directly address sports improvements like Insanity Asylum, P90X2 will help any athlete improve in whatever sport they pursue.

These two phases are where the greatest divergence from p90X can be seen. While the original program has a steady advancement in intensity, P90X2 jumps up significantly from day 31 to day 90. This is of course only if the foundation phase was properly set.

The P90X2 Reviews are Here!

Most reviewers say pretty much the same thing about the program and generally give it a 4 out of 5 star rating. While not loved as much as the original P90X workout, it’s given a healthy 2 thumbs up above the four P90X + DVDs that came out a few years ago.

One of the recurring major cons popping up, is that P90X2 relies heavily on equipment and sometimes the equipment combinations used on a stability ball feel unnatural or worse yet unsafe. While this is subjective to the exerciser you cannot overlook the fact that many people feel this way.

Another con is one that simply is of taste. Several reviewers find the extras that are used in the program like Tracy (found in the plyocide DVD) insufferable. Apparently she seems full of herself and laughs at everything said by Tony even when he’s not being funny.

A great advantage of the program is the variety on exercise moves which is one thing any P90Xer needs, especially if you’ve been on the program for a while. Variety is key to motivation; otherwise you just end up shelving your routine indefinitely.

Several reviewers also have noticed mark improvements when they go back and use a P90X DVD. For instance several have reported after using the plyocide DVD, the exercise harder to the original P90X Plyometrics DVD. This just goes to show that trying different forms of exercise will increase your strength and endurance even if you do not think it is doing anything.

P90X2 is ready to be tackled by anyone serious about getting in shape. It’s great as a substitute program when P90X has been exhausted or when you want to use certain DVDs to make a hybrid routine between the two.

The program comes with a 90 day money guarantee and is sold from various authorized retailers like Fitness Body Online. Purchasing from a genuine retailer is the only way to ensure you get a genuine product with a full warranty.