How Divorce Can Affect Your Health

Going through a divorce is extremely difficult, both mentally and physically. Studies have shown that people who go through divorces are much more likely to have serious health problems after becoming divorced.

With over 45 per cent of British couples divorcing before their 50th anniversary, there are serious implications that all couples should be aware of.

The American study carried out by Mary Elizabeth Hughes of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health studied 8,652 middle-aged adults, finding clear differences between married and divorced individuals.

The study showed that people who had divorced were 20 per cent more likely to have serious health conditions, ranging from heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Additionally, divorcees were 23 per cent more likely to have mobility problems.

Going through a separation is a monumental point in every couple’s life, causing high levels of mental and financial stress. Many individuals find it hard to recover from a divorce and in some cases they never do. The study revealed that divorced people on the whole have more chronic illnesses, mobility limitations and a poorer rate of health than people in the same demographic.

So why is this? It’s widely accepted that marriage provides a huge level of security – financially, emotionally and socially. Once this is barrier is broken, it exposes people to a wide array of stresses that have been forgotten.

People who get divorced also tend to put their life on hold in order to recover from such a gruelling experience. This means that people give up regimented eating and exercise routines. Many people who get divorced turn to eating as a form of comfort. Compounded with the lack of exercise, divorcees can end up putting on lots of weight which can lead to further health problems.

Married men tend to live much better lifestyles than single men, eating a balanced diet and being more conscious of their health. Women are also shown to play an important role in getting men to seek medical attention and so on.

Women are affected in other ways – especially those women who have stopped working in order to look after children. The stress of having to balance looking after kids and working can be enough to make anyone ill.

If you’re going through a difficult time in your marriage, it’s important that you not only consult a family law expert but a physician as well. It’s advised that if you do have a divorce that you make active ways to improve your health to counteract the feelings of sadness and demotivation.