5 Steps to Beating Acne

Acne is a terrible thing to suffer from. It’s bad enough to suffer from it as a teenager when you’re acutely aware of your appearance. As an adult, there’s simply no reason to continue to suffer from this skin condition.

Fortunately, there are loads of skin treatment products available, like Jan Marini Products, which can help you finally get over this socially crippling ailment. This article has been written to give you five easy steps to beating acne.

Don’t pick and squeeze!

This is incredibly frustrating. It can be almost impossible not to constantly touch, scratch and squeeze your pimples.

As difficult as it may seem, you must refrain from doing this. If you squeeze them, sebum production from the sebaceous glands inside the pimple will only increase beneath your skin, causing more pimples in the future.

Keep a clean face

Sometimes, it’s just as simple as that. Your skin gets coated with natural and unnatural oils everyday when you leave the house. It’s essential to keep your face clean to ensure healthy looking skin.

Wash your face at least twice daily with a facial wash: once in the morning to get rid of overnight oil build-up and once in the evening to get rid of all the oil and grime that’s attached itself to your face over the course of the day.

Keep your sheets and pillowcases clean

Your pillowcase absorbs all the oil and dirt from your face, then reapplies it back – and this after you’ve washed it before retiring for the night, rendering your cleansing useless. This can also cause more breakouts.

It’s advised that you wash your pillow cases and sheets regularly, to avoid undoing all the hard work you’ve done on your face.

Keep the hair off your face

Messy, unkempt hair hanging down into your face can cause irritations that might in turn cause pimple breakouts.

You might want to reconsider your current hairstyling if this is not possible. If you find that you mostly get acne on your forehead, maybe it’s time to do away with the fringe and consider a new hairstyle.

Even if your hair doesn’t touch your face, it will pay to keep your hair clean from oil and dirt, as it can seep down your scalp and onto your face, regardless.

Surprise tip – oral contraceptives!

This one’s for the ladies. Most oral contraceptives contain oestrogen, which balance out your hormones, which in turn can banish your acne.

If your body is resistant to synthetic oestrogen, consult a doctor about taking spirono lactone, which will have the same effect, just over a longer period of time.