Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Bones

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism recently published an article related to Mediterranean diet. Olive oil, an essential ingredient in Mediterranean diet is now known to be the answer for preventive medication for bones.

Apart from its anti-oxidant ingredients, the olive oil in Mediterranean diet has been linked to increased serum osteocalcin, which is known to have protective effects on bones. This is a major breakthrough in diet research as more and more people are looking at ways to prevent bone ailments during old age.

Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Bones

Study on olive oil consumption and its effects on bone health

Age-related bone deformities and reduced bone strength are common among the elderly, both men and women. They are the major causes of osteoporosis and arthritis among aged adults.

A team of scientists at the Instituto de Salud Carlos, in Madrid, Spain, conducted research on the benefits of olive oil on bone health. This research was fuelled by the earlier publications on the low incidence of osteoporosis in the Mediterranean basin.

The experimental group consisted of:
  1. 127 elderly men in the age group of 56- 80 years without any history of cardiovascular disease.
  2. This group was randomly divided into 3 groups and administered 3 different diets: Mediterranean diet with nuts, a low-fat diet and Mediterranean diet with olive oil (virgin variety).
  3. Periodic measurements of osteocalcin, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose were taken for two years.

Outcome of the study

Results from the above experiment showed that:

  1. Only those administered with a Mediterranean diet with olive oil (virgin variety) had good levels of bone formation and strengthening markers.
  2. The other 2 groups showed decrease in osteocalcin concentrations.
  3. Serum calcium levels were not altered by intake of olive oil.
  4. Osteocalcin is also known to increase the insulin secretion in the body.

Accordingly, it can be seen that a Mediterranean diet not only increases the population of anti-oxidants in our body and prevents cancer, but also has significant effect on our bone health. Olive oil, an essential ingredient in Mediterranean diet is the key ingredient that prevents development of bone-related diseases.