New Approaches to Weight Loss

As the obesity epidemic looms ever larger on the public health horizon, newer and more innovative approaches to weight loss are being explored by researchers.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has come out with a 478-page plan to completely change the way that Americans approach weight loss.New Approaches to Weight Loss

Meanwhile other approaches such astestosterone supplements and egg breakfasts are also being explored as effective weight loss solutions.

New weight loss plan for American obesity crisis

The American obesity levels are seen to be something that impacts natural security and the economy, which is why it challenges and exercises some of the best minds of the country.

IOM chairman Daniel R. Glickman want to change the way exercise and nutrition are approached by Americans.

The extensive report of nearly 500 pages calls for action from the government, the community, schools and workplaces as well as individuals.

It calls for revising of agricultural subsidies and regulation of junk food sale as well as shutting down advertising of sugary beverages. The five main goals of the plan are:

  1. Physical activity should be a routine and automatic part of life.
  2. Create an environment where healthy food choices are easy and routine.
  3. Educate people about nutrition and exercise
  4. Involve healthcare workers, employers and insurers in the process
  5. Concentrate on schools and enhancing the role they play in improving public health

Testosterone supplements could help in losing weight

According to a recent BBC report, testosterone supplements could help hormone deficient men lose weight. When the effects of testosterone were as examined in a study conducted over 5 years it was found that an average of 16 kg was lost by the study participants when their hormone levels were restored to normal.

Both waist circumference as well as blood pressure was controlled with the help of the supplements.

Though effective against weight gain, this may not be the best answer because of the risk of developing heart disease and prostate cancer, warn experts however. It is best to try and lose weight naturally, which causes a natural increase in testosterone levels.

Egg breakfast for weight loss?

The effects of an egg breakfast were examined recently. It was found that eating egg for breakfast could keep a person fuller and going for longer. It could also decrease the amount that the person ate at lunch. It is the protein content in the egg that improves satiety levels and keeps one from overeating.