Social Media for Health and Classical Music for Surgery

Two things that are quite disparate in nature and antiquity could be good for our health: social media, if used correctly could help us improve our health and classical music, when used during or after surgery, could well improve surgery outcomes.

Social Media for Health and Classical Music for Surgery

Classical music could improve surgery finds study

Research has shown that music can help to improve the mood, improve employee productivity and even have a healing impact on people. Now researchers have found that classical music could improve the experience of surgery.

When patients undergoing surgery with local anesthetic were made to hear classical music, it helped them relax, found researchers.

Not only that, the impact of music by Mozart, Back, Beethoven and Vivaldi could be such that the person recovers from their surgery earlier as well. Even oldies such as songs sung by Frank Sinatra could have a similarly beneficial impact found researchers.

It could be that playing music during surgerycould become standard procedure, now that researchers have found the impact music can have on a stressful experience such as surgery and make them more comfortable.

If a patient is calmer and less stressed during surgery, they can cope with pain better and can also recover faster.

How social media can help with health care

A new internet survey found that information relating to health is the most searched on the internet, with four out of 5 users searching for health related information. With the way that social media has infiltrated so many spheres of our lives, it is only a natural progression that it can have a role to play with healthcare as well.

So as to make sure that internet users are able to access not only useful and relevant but alsoaccurate and responsible information relating to health, there are ways that doctors as well as health websites can help.

Firstly, doctors need to participate more in online conversations so that half-baked information isn’t getting passed on from one to another internet user. It is important for online health information to complement communication between doctor and patient so that the patient is better prepared for their meeting with the doctor.

Online information cannot take the place of this very vital interaction which will take into account the patients’ full history and an actual physical examination as well. Secondly, health websites need to be more transparent so readers know what the sources and authorities that they derive their information are.