Coconut Water – Natures wonder

Coconut water is one of nature’s little gems and has many uses in the health and beauty industries. It is the clear liquid found inside a green coconut and is quite different in both taste and composition to coconut milk – which is a thick liquid extracted from the flesh of a coconut.

Whereas the milk is high in fat and calorie laden, coconut water is virtually fat free, low in carbs and has a low sugar content.

Coconut water is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, riboflavin (Vitamin B) and Vitamin C.

It is also packed with potassium which makes it ideal for athletes or sports professionals who lose important nutrients when they’re training and would rather rehydrate with a natural isotonic.

In fact the hydrating properties of coconut water are so beneficial, it can even be used in place of an IV drip if someone is suffering from severe dehydration. It has proven to be very useful in countries where safe drinking water is in scarce supply.

Because coconut water is naturally sterile it is a much quicker and easier solution if someone is in real trouble and there is no time to sterilise the water.

As well as having isotonic properties, coconut water is a natural diuretic.

Had one too many to drink last night? Then a shot of coconut water could be just what you need. The liquid is very easy on the stomach and may help reduce nausea.

And finally, if you like the sound of an all natural cocktail then get yourself a bottle of fine rum, a fresh coconut and a sharp knife. Taking the utmost care with the knife, slice the top off the coconut, add a measure of rum and stick your straw straight into the liquid. This makes a delicious cocktail and is a great idea for summer barbeques or Caribbean themed parties.

If you can’t find fresh coconuts in your local supermarket, then you’ll find cartons of it in your local Holland and Barrett. The packaged version is just as good as drinking it straight from the fruit, but bear in mind that it does have a shelf life, so drink it within a few days of purchase in order to get the most from it.