The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening Surgery

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic dentistry, and the truth is that there are very few reasons not to have such procedures because they are said to whiten your teeth without any hazards on your overall health. Nonetheless before you actually go and do something to your teeth, you should consider the pros and cons of teeth whitening.

We have to admit that it is impossible to say whether teeth whitening has generally more pros than cons, because there are just too many different methods to do it.


One of the known methods includes the teeth whitening gums. In this case the pros include the fact that it isn’t a problem if you are chewing a lot of gum, there are no oral or other hazards of the method and at the same time it is quite economical.

Still there are also some cons that you have to take into consideration. This method is time consuming and tedious, and it takes a lot to see the results of the whitening. The first signs usually appear after 6 weeks. Also the method is less effective, and you will see a change of only one shade.

You could also consider teeth whitening tooth paste. The advantage of this method is that there is no special effort from your part. You just normally have to brush your teeth with the tooth paste or gel. In the majority of the cases there is no pain or irritation caused by the tooth paste and their price is just slightly higher than the price of normal tooth paste.

The downsides of the method include the fact that although the companies are promising visible results, no great results have been achieved by the users of the products and there are a lot of professionals who say that the normal tooth pastes offer just the same results.

In case you would like to whiten your teeth at home, you might take into consideration using the teeth whitening gels. These are said to be quite effective, in some cases there are differences of 2-3 shades and you can buy them over the counter. The only hazards that have been associated with this method are temporary sensitivity and discomfort. In case we compare it to the in-office treatments, this is a lot less expensive.

The cons of the method are that there are few things that could reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. You have to be very careful because in case the gel comes in contact with the gums, it causes irritation, discomfort and pain. Also you should remember that the different brands offer different results to different people.

In-office teeth whitening is also an option and this is considered to be the most effective, offering changes of 8-10 shades. In this case you should consider teeth whitening surrey. It is performed by a professional and there is no pain associated to the method. Also the results are long lasting.