How to Prevent Heart Disease by Living Healthy

For those of us with a genetic history of weak hearts it is essential to know how to prevent heart disease. While the heart is a trooper, which can handle almost all the abuse that you give it, it is also subject to wear and tear as it ages. The younger the heart the faster it is able to recover to full health after a disorder.Heart Desease

Get adequate exercise

For those of you looking at how to prevent heart disease without changing your sedentary lifestyle there is considerable bad news. You need to get moving to reduce the risk of heart disease to your system. Even if you cannot manage to exercise in an organized sport or go to the gym every day, you must try to get in at least thirty minutes of exercise each day into your daily routine. You do not need to go to the gym and pump iron.

A moderate level of physical activity like a brisk walk will also suffice. Even better if you can rev it up to a regular evening jog after work, or if you are a morning person an early morning walk or jog may be a better idea.

Try and get a partner to share the physical activity with you. Research has shown that you are less likely to miss your exercise session if you tie it up with another person.

Quit smoking

A strong body will be able to fight off infections better. So do not smoke and weaken the body’s immune system. If you are pumping in toxins into the body every day and then sitting and wondering how to prevent heart disease, you are not headed in the right direction. Take that cigarette stub and stamp it out. You are doing no one any favors by chugging mountains of smoke through your lungs.

The secondary smoke has also been seen by researchers as dangerous to people around smokers. So not only are you exposing your own family to a high risk of disease, you are also courting lung cancer. As an addict it will be a major challenge but it is also necessary for you to maintain your health and the well being of your family to kick the butt.

How to prevent heart disease with healthy diet

You can talk big about how to prevent heart disease but unless you begin eating heart healthy food it is not really going to help you much. You need to eat closer to nature for it to be heart friendly. The more processed a food is, the worse it is for your heart. For instance fresh fruits are better than canned fruits. Simple home cooked food is better than processed food full of preservatives and artificial colors.

Learning how to prevent heart disease is not a major mission. All it needs are a few tweaks to your way of living and you can get a heart friendly lifestyle. You need to ensure that the heart pumps well to supply oxygenated blood to the tissues of the body. You need to detoxify your system from anything that can clog or block your arteries, and you need to ensure that your blood remains naturally thin without the need of medication.