5 things to think about before undertaking breast enlargement surgery

The subject of plastic surgery is no longer taboo in many countries. In fact, many people are now open about the lifestyle changes that can be brought about by various advanced cosmetic surgeryprocedures, with breast enlargement being one of the most popular. It is important, however, to never take cosmetic surgery light-heartedly, as like any operation it carries both benefits and risks..enlargement

If you are considering undertaking plastic surgery you may want to have a look at the following tips, which will help you make a much more informed decision.

1. Cost

Cost may be the most pressing concern for the patient, but lower costs may sometimes mask the more serious issue, namely that of quality of care.

There is no substitute for quality and price tends to be a strong indicator as to the capabilities and standards employed by a particular clinic. Choosing the cheapest surgeon in town is not necessarily wise.

Many patients choose to undergo procedures in private clinics, which tend to hire only the most experienced and skilled of surgeons.Spending some time searching for qualified doctors rather than cut-price offers will definitely be worth the trouble.

2. Preparation

Breast enhancement surgery is by no means a drastic solution, but all patients should explore alternatives before committing to a procedure. Unfortunately, very few effective, long-lasting alternatives to surgery of this nature exist. Nevertheless, prospective patients should discuss non-surgical options with their GP before consulting a plastic surgeon.During the consultation process, it is important to discuss all aspects of the procedure with the physician.

3. Reasons for Surgery

There are several obvious reasons why a patient may wish to undergo breast enhancement surgery. These reasons should be considered carefully before any decision is made. One criticism of breast enhancement procedures is that patients elect to undergo surgery on the whim of a partner. Generally speaking, it is important for prospective patients to commit to surgery only if it is what they themselves want. Pressure from third parties should be ignored and such matters should be discussed with the consulting physician.

4. Size and Shape

Clearly no one size of breast implant fits all patients. Similarly, no two patients share the exact requirements and physical attributes. When discussing a breast enhancement procedure with a physician, it is absolutely essential to express in as clear and sensible terms as possible what is required.

Prospective patients will need to think about size and shape with considerable care. It is rarely enough for a subject to simply state that they wish to “move up two cup sizes”. The size and shape of implants can vary considerably, with cup measurements providing little more than a guide or marker.

5. Procedure and Recovery

Finally, the breast augmentation procedure itself should be discussed in depth with the consulting physician. Prospective patients should understand approximately how long the surgery will last (typically around one and a half hours) and precisely what is involved.

The recovery process should also be clarified before surgery. The majority of patients fully recover from the surgery within approximately two weeks and most are able to return to work after one or two days of leaving the clinic. As with all surgical procedures of this nature, patients are advised to avoid any form of strenuous activity for at least a week thereafter.

For further information about breast enlargement procedures, visit The Hospital Group  website.