Brain Tumor Symptoms

The very term ‘Brain Tumor’ can sound like a death knell for a person, and as in the case of any cancer, early detection is the only thing that offers hope of a cure. Brain tumor symptoms can vary greatly from person to person and can depend upon the kind of tumor, its size, location, and so on.

Brain tumor symptoms manifest when portions of the brain are impacted by abnormal growths, by damage to tissue, by swelling of the brain and also by fluid buildup around the brain.

Brain tumors can be benign or they may be malignant (cancerous and likely to grow quickly and damage tissue around them); however both may result in symptoms that should not be ignored.


With brain tumors, even the non malignant ones, can be life threatening and so brain tumor symptoms should always be vigilantly looked out for.

Here are some of the most commonly noted brain tumor symptoms:

  • Headaches are a primary and most frequently reported brain tumor symptom. It must be remembered that headaches can be caused by many reasons other than brain tumor and one needn’t be apprehensive and fear the worst until the headaches are accompanied by certain other brain tumor symptoms. With brain tumors, the headache is often worse in the morning, it could be localized or generalized, and may be persistent and may worsen with activity, particularly activity that causes stress or strain.
  • Nausea and vomiting is another commonly noted symptom though it is more common among children than adults.
  • Depending upon the location of the tumor, the corresponding body parts could be affected – weakness in certain parts of the body, problems with coordination and balance, problems relating to speech, vision problems, and changes in sensation may be noted. There could also be numbness or tingling noted in parts of the body; and muscle jerking or twitching may also be present.
  • Seizures may also be noted with brain tumors.
  • Behavior changes, changes in personality and mental ability are also frequently noted brain tumor symptoms, since the tumor puts pressure on the brain and disorders its working.  Memory loss is frequently seen among brain tumor patients and they may also have trouble concentrating.
  • Lethargy or mood changes can also be tell-tale brain tumor symptoms. Personality changes that a person experiences due to the presence of a tumor may not be evident to the sufferer; however family and close associates may notice these.