Kidney Stones Treatment – Effective Home Remedies

Unlike a lot of other painful and incapacitating medical conditions, kidney stones treatment can be effectively carried out at home. It is possible to manage kidney stones effectively and even help them to pass out of the system by using home kidney stones treatments such as –

Kidney Stones Treatment

Drinking plenty of fluids as kidney stones treatment

Unless there is a medical restriction that prevents you from drinking lots of waterand other fluids, this is the best kidney stones treatment to help the body naturally flush out the stone.

This is also a useful preventing measure that prevents stones from forming, by keeping the urine dilute – this is especially important for those who have a history of kidney stones.

Using natural diuretics such as tea made from stinging nettle and so on can also help to pass the stone.

This is an effective natural kidney stones treatment because it not only helps to prevent crystals and hence stones from forming, it is also known to wash out bacteria and helps to maintain the electrolyte balance.

Pain medication as kidney stones treatment

Since pain is one of the main symptoms of kidney stones, pain management is one of the main aspects of management of this condition. Non steroidal anti inflammatory medications, analgesics or other prescription pain medications such as stronger narcotic medicines are effective kidney stones treatment to help manage pain.

Straining urine to find out the kind of kidney stone

This is also a part of kidney stones treatment since this can help to shed light on the kind and cause of the kidney stones and could offer helpful pointers about how to prevent this from recurring. It is recommended that one use a strain each time they pass urine to ‘catch’ any stones passed, which can then be examined to determine the underlying cause of the stones in order that they may be prevented in the future.

Dietary changes that can help in kidney stones treatment

It is important to control the acid content of the urine, for which it is important not only to drink plenty of fluids but also to avoid certain foods that irritate the kidneys. One should also avoid too much calcium and phosphorus in the diet. However there is conflicting information of what things one should avoid and what one should eat as part of kidney stones treatment, because the dietary restrictions and recommendations could depend upon the kind and cause of the stone.