How Simple Personal Hygiene Can Enhance Health?

We are all well aware that healthy eating and regular exercise will give us health and wellness and help to avoid disability and disease.

However there is another factor that can be an important determinant of good health, which is perhaps less spoken about, and that is Personal Hygiene.

Consider the many health problems and illnesses that can be avoided by giving better attention to grooming and personal hygiene.

1. Gingivitis, bleeding gums, cavities and bad breath – these are just some of the oral problems that can be avoided by using proper oral hygiene.Personal-Hygiene-Can-Enhance-Health

Brushing after each meal, flossing regularly, using a medicated mouthwash and getting regular dental checkups, can help avoid a host of dental and oral problems.

2. Maintaining good head hygiene can help to avoid any parasitic infestations such as head lice and so on. Regular cleaning and washing of hair can even help control dandruff and itchiness of the scalp.

Also remember to regularly wash and clean combs, brushes and other grooming implements used for the hair.

3. The body has some two million sweat glands which produce about a pint of sweat every day. Consider what the sweat can do to your skin – it can cause body odor, encourage the growth of certain kinds of bacteria and so on.

Using good quality soap to bathe and thoroughly cleaning the skin every day can help avoid this.

4. Regular and proper washing of hands is known to decrease chances of infections such as flu, coughs, colds, and even others such as diarrhea.

5. Proper genital hygiene and proper wiping technique (always front to back) can prevent urinary tract infections, genital odor and other problems.

6. Proper foot hygiene – keeping feet dry and clean and regularly wearing clean socks can help prevent bacterial and fungal infections such as athletes’ foot etc.