Day Time Nap Is Good for Your Heart

The Mediterranean’s knew what they were on to a good thing when hit upon the idea of an afternoon siesta. Recent research suggests much the same; that a day time nap is good for your heart, since it can reduce the impact that psychological stress can have on the heart.


Researchers at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania found that the nap seems to have the beneficial impact of negating theimpact of stress on the heart, so that those take a regular afternoon nap are less likely to suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure).

According to the researchers, the nap is able to speed up heart recovery after an event that has been stressful, physically as well as mentally and this is the cardiovascular benefit that day time sleep of about 45 minutes to one hour, has to offer.

Not only this, the day time naps were seen to rejuvenate the participants of the study and also resulted in them feeling less sleepy during the day than  those who took no day time nap.

This study cements the very central position of importance that sleep and quality rest have for our good health and wellbeing. Previous studies have ably demonstrated how inadequate sleep can exacerbate certain health conditions such as heart disease, depression and high blood pressure and even hinder attempts at weight loss.