Are You ‘Scared’ to Step on the Scales?

If you nodded guiltily yes to that question then you should read on. Your weight is one area of your life, where ignorance most certainly is not bliss. The fact is that a lot of us, who resist going anywhere near a weighing scale, actually underestimate how much we weigh – particularly those of us who are overweight or obese.

Consider the fact that in a survey, about 40% of people said that they were overweight or obese, when in fact as many as 65% of those people were overweight or obese. Not knowing that one is overweight puts one at serious health risks.

Being overweight affects cancer risk, heart disease risk and so on; however, if anyone has a misconception about his/her weight, then they also have a similar misconception about their health, wellbeing and risk of developing diseases.

In some cases it is a willful blindness about the state of one’s weight and health that puts people at significant risk of developing certain diseases.

There is also the fact that many people are simply ashamed or embarrassed about speaking of these issues with their doctors, and tend to brush them aside as being of no consequence.

Consider the many reasons why you should step on the scale:

  • This is one of the more accurate ways of knowing what your BMI is, so that you can realistically assess the state of your health and take corrective measures and make the changes in your life that are required.
  • When you put on weight, the mirror may not tell you, and the gradual process may escape your notice, however the scales will not lie.
  • It will also tell you if, for some reason, you have lost weight. Weight loss is also a warning sign for certain diseases and health problems.