The Connection Between Mobile Phone Use and Brain Activity

or a while now, they have been warning us about the possible carcinogenic impacts of cell phone use, and now a study performed by Swedish scientists and those at the University of Washington, is showing that use of mobile phones increases brain

High tech scans were used to get images of brain activity and to keep track of the metabolism of sugar in the brain.

As a result it was found that a 50 minute long call on the cell phone can increase the brain’s metabolic activity in the region that is closest to the phone antenna.

This study however sheds no light on the possible carcinogenic (cancer causing) impact of mobile phone use.

Till date, many studies have been performed to explore this link between cell phone use and brain cancer – whereas some studies have shown that a link does in fact exist between excessive cell phone use and brain cancer, others have been inconclusive.

So clearly cell phone use does in fact impact the way our brain functions – how exactly and why is not yet fully clear – in the meantime, the best option seems to be to limit cell phone use; for long chats, use the good old land line.