Stem Cell Spray Gun to Help Heal Burns

It seems like something out of a movie such as X Men, but this could well be the way that burns are now treated. It is an actual working medical device; a spray gun that uses stem cells to treat burns, and unlike other treatments such as skin grafts which can take weeks, this takes only about an hour!


This device causes the burn damaged skin to actually re-grow by using a solution made from healthy skin cells of the burnt victim and then actually ‘spraying’ on this mixture to the affected area.

Though you cannot yet walk into a doctor’s office and demand the treatment for yourself, this device has been seen to actually work and has already treated as many as 12 people with burns.

This was a concept that was discussed some years back, and it was suggested that it may be possible to quickly heal open wounds, such as a wound sustained on the battlefield and so on. It was thought that ethical debate and funding problems could derail what could be a path breaking tool for healing.

However, it would seem that this device is closer to being a real option for the general public; and sooner than we may think!