Male Breast Reduction Surgery on the Rise

Men are becoming more and more aware of the phenomenon of man boobs or ‘moobs’ and the number of male breast reduction surgeries is growing all the time.male breast reduction surgery

Among British men, male breast reduction operations are the second most common cosmetic procedure among men, with nose jobs being the commonest. There has been a 28% increase in the number of men going for these procedures last year when compared to the previous year.

According to consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover, men now seem to have an increased awareness of the way their torsos look, to say nothing of a dislike for ‘man boobs’. Thirty percent of such men wanting surgery, do not actually require surgery at all, and their situation could be greatly helped by lifestyle improvements and general weight loss.

There is the view that men are now being more influenced by the media and other cultural pressures and are feeling the need to conform to stereotypes in the way that women are. Consider the fact that products such as chest enhancing vests and body control garments for men and so on are becoming more popular.

According to Grover however, the main problem is still the overall weight of men and it is lifestyle changes that are required to address the problem.