Winter Illnesses – Fact and Fiction (Part 1)

There are a lot of claims made about the connection between winter and certain illnesses, but while some of these are facts, a lot is fiction. Here are some common myths busted–

Cold weather causes colds – Cold weather does not cause colds. The cold and other infections are passed on by virtue of people being indoors at close proximity to one another that causes easy passing on of viruses.

This is also the reason why kids develop colds when they first start day care or school. Colds are not caused due to the cold weather or getting chilled.

Echinacea can stop a cold – This most common of herbal supplements that claims to stop colds and upper respiratory tract infections, does not in fact cure colds; at best it can shorten the duration of a cold.

A study found that Echinacea was no more effective than a placebo at curing cold. To get the most advantage from this herbal supplement (which incidentally is safe to use since it has no side effects) start taking it when cold symptoms first start to manifest.

Exercise can ward off colds – This one is actually true. Exercise can enhance immunity, and studies have shown that exercises such as brisk walks several times a week can reduce colds by more than 40 percent.