Return of Swine Flu Claims First Victims

Last year’s global pandemic has raised its hoary head again, and Swine Flu has already claimed 10 lives this year, leading the Department of Health to reiterate its call for Swine Flu Vaccines.

The call for swine flu jabs is in particular recommended for pregnant women, since they are more at risk from the swine flu virus than others.

The other groups who have been urged to have the swine flu vaccine are those who are above the age of 65, those who have diabetes and so on. Also health workers, who are most likely to be exposed to the swine flu viruses, are advised to take their shots.

The latest swine flu vaccine available, offers protection not only against swine flu but also against two other strains of the flu.

It offers best protection to those who are seen to be most at risk from the seasonal flu. Though overall levels are normal for these times of the year, the effects of flu are not to be underestimated, say experts.

As a recap about the illness, we may recall that this is a self limiting illness and one is best advised to stay at home for its duration. Symptoms that persist, or become more severe however, should be reported immediately to the healthcare provider.