Eating at Your Desk More Likely to Make You Put on Weight

We know the reasons why we shouldn’t be eating at our desk or while watching TV, it makes us more likely to overeat. And now it seems that this eating at the desk can make us more likely to eat more, later in the day as well.

Recent research has indicated that if you don’t take a break for lunch and continue sitting at your desk, taking in calories but burning none, you are likelier to put on weight.

Those who eat at their desk, consume more calories since they may have more snacks during the day.

Cognition, memory and attention play a significant role in governing people’s appetite as well as the size of their meal, claims the co-author of the study, Jeff Brunstrom of Bristol’s School of Experimental Psychology’s Nutrition and Behavior Unit.

Eating patterns of subjects were observed; while playing solitaire at the computer as well as without any distractions.

Those who ate without distractions, felt fuller with the same amount of food than those who were eating while playing on the computer.

Later both groups were offered sugary snacks and it was seen that those who had eaten while being distracted, ate a lot more of the snack that those who ate without distractions.