Aspirin – A Wonder Drug?

Aspirin has been around for a long time, but the more research that is done into it, the more new benefits of aspirin come to light, and according to many experts this is the “most amazing drug in the world”.

Starting out as a pain reliever, aspirin, or ‘acetylsalicylic acid’ which is its chemical name, has become known to help reduce risk of several life threatening diseases

  • Aspirin is a pain killer.
  • It has anti inflammatory properties.
  • It reduces blood clotting and for this reason it reduces heart disease risk. It works by cutting risk of blood clots forming and blocking blood vessels and thereby starving the heart of oxygen triggering a heart attack.
  • It is also useful in preventing deep vein thrombosis, due to its anti blood clotting effect.
  • Aspirin can also help those at high risk of stroke, to reduce their risk of having certain kinds of stroke.
  • Pregnant women who have auto immune disorders are prescribed aspirin in low doses to reduce risk of high blood pressure, miscarriage, fetal death and low birth weight.
  • It is also seen to reduce risk of certain cancers.
  • It may also be beneficial in preventing dementia.