Steroid Use For An Itchy Eye May Cause More Harm

Are you prone to suffering from itchy eye and eye allergies? An incident recently happened proved that steroid use can be harmful for your eyes. It can be caused by various reasons like infection, allergy, colds or other underlying infections of the ears, nose and throat.

Do not be mislead by thinking that itchy eyes is just a simple symptom that can be ignored or relieved by over the counter medications, much less it will not be helpful if you will self-medicate.

Itchy eye may have similar symptoms whatever the cause may be like: pain, moderate to severe itchiness, watery eyes, swelling and redness.

Some conditions may even be accompanied by eye discharges that may be clear or yellowish in color and may be sticky in consistency.

In other occasions itchy eyes may be with symptoms of fever.

Although an itchy eye is commonly caused by allergies especially during pollen season, it is difficult to determine if they are indeed caused by allergy or an infection.

This condition from allergies is caused by pollens from flowers, grass, trees, weeds and even molds. Other allergens causing itchy eyes come from hair and fur from pets like dog, cats, rabbits and birds.

Reason Not to Use Steroids for Itchy Eye

Steroids are very effective and powerful medications that can eliminate your symptoms of inflammation like: pain, swelling redness, rashes and loss of function in just a short period of time.

Although they are accompanied by several side effects, it is still widely used in cases of severe conditions like allergy and other life threatening situations. With itchy eyes it is not advisable for you to use steroid drops for several reasons.

Masking of Infection

It is true that your itch in the eye may be caused by allergy, but unless you are sure about it and have asked your health provider for a prescription – do not use steroids. Steroid use for itchy eyes is not recommended because it may mask signs of an on-going infection. Since your symptoms may be gone in just 24 to 48 hours, you may think you are already well.

Vision Impairment

Steroid drops for itchy eye that was not properly diagnosed may impair your vision and may cause severe pain once the steroid is discontinued. If this happens to you, it means you already have a serious complication.

Prolonged Infection

Itchy eye caused by infection may take longer to heal from the infection because steroids compromise your immune system making it weak against the invading microorganisms. Without the antibiotics you need bacteria or viruses that have already set in your eyes may mutate and gain strength because of the steroid drops you are using.

Secondary Level Infection

Itchy eye caused by infection that is given improper medication may affect nearby areas. This is very dangerous because infection may set-in in nearby areas and your eyes are very near you’re your nose and ears that can give access to your brain. You would definitely not want a brain infection!