Full Body Scanners As Dangerous As Terrorist Bombs?

Full body scanners that are put in place at airports and other places as security measures to detect any kind of terror threat, that may not be identified any other way, have been criticized earlier for being an invasion of privacy and so on.

However, now scientists say that full body scanners could be as dangerous as the terrorists’ bombs.  It may sound bizarre, but statistics show that one is as likely to be killed by a terrorist’s bomb as by the radiation that these scanners emit, says Peter Rez from Arizona State University.

The chances of dying due to either reason are the same – about 1 in 30 million, which leads to the making of the claim that these body scanners are redundant.

There is also the added worry of the scanners malfunctioning. Such malfunctioning could increase the dose of the radiation, making them more dangerous.

When images produced by the machines were examined, it was found that the amount of radiation produced by the scanners was often higher than what was claimed by manufacturers.

And since the risk from terror bombs and full body scanners seems to be identical, the case is made out to do away with the scanners altogether.