French Anti Obesity Drug May Have Killed 500

A drug that had been launched in the year 1976 could have been responsible for the death of 500 people and the hospitalization of over 3,500 others, according to Afssaps, the drug safety body in France.

A French drug called Mediator, was originally supposed to be for obese people with diabetes. However it became a popular option for those who were looking to lose weight since it was seen to be an effective appetite suppressor. As many as three hundred thousand people were taking the drug when it was pulled from the market due to the fact that it was not really beneficial for those with diabetes; and that it was in fact seen to result in a dangerous thickening of the heart valves.

The contention is that the drug was not pulled out fast enough in France, leading to what is being described as a health disaster probably due to close links of health authorities with pharma companies.

The pharma manufacturing company has contended that the drug is not really responsible for the deaths claimed to have been by it. They claim that every drug has a possible negative effect, including something as common as aspirin – one has to weigh the benefits and the possible risks when taking any drug.