Benefits Of Cord Blood Banking

Although the technology has been around for over a decade, cord blood banking is still a fairly new concept for expecting parents. Many moms-and-dads to be are still unaware of the benefits of banking their child’s cord blood, but it’s becoming increasingly important for parents to consider this option.

Cord blood can be used to treat a wide range of blood diseases, including lymphoma, leukemia, and varying forms of anemia. Currently, researchers are also looking for ways to treat brain injuries like cerebral palsy and the damage that results from strokes.

By banking your child’s cord blood, you can help to secure a healthy future for them. If they are diagnosed with one of these 75 diseases, their cord blood can used as a treatment method to replace damaged cells with healthy ones.

Cord blood units can also be matched more easily to family members, rather than searching for bone marrow donors.

This way, cord blood can be used on a patient’s siblings or parents and even on extended family members. In fact, your child’s cord blood can also be used to help an unrelated child with blood diseases or bone marrow disorder.