7 Tips For A Healthier You Ahead Of The Holiday Season – Part 1

Here are 7 simple tips for good health that will help to stay in shape and give you good health:

1. Eat a proper breakfast that is high in complex carbs, fiber, protein and good quality fats. This will help sustain energy levels throughout the day and also help in blood sugar management.

2. Limit coffee intake – it can dehydrate you, increase blood sugar irregularity and cause other problems. Substitute it with dandelion root, ginseng, oolong, green tea and peppermint if possible.

3. Drink enough water; regular 8 glasses is the rule of thumb. This can decrease hunger, aid digestion and improve concentration.

4. Cut our packaged foods – lower your intake of salt, preservatives, additives, bad quality fats, artificial colors and flavors. Few ingredients are good and if you can’t pronounce one of them, don’t buy the product.

5. Eat locally sourced, whole foods.

6. When eating out, look for grilled, steamed, baked, poached, roasted or poached items. Don’t go for items that are fried, au gratin, stuffed, escalloped, sautéed, pan friend, and so on.

7. Limit alcohol intake – it dehydrates you, increases appetite and lowers inhibitions. Rule of thumb, no more than two drinks a day for men and one a day for women