6 Tips For A Healthier You Ahead Of The Holiday Season – Part 2

Here are some more of the 6 simple tips for good health that will help to stay in shape and give you good health:

1. Avoid white food; it is often the most refined kind with little or no fiber. White rice, white flour, white sauces and white bread are all best avoided. Substitute them with whole grain products, brown rice, and instead of white sauces use pesto and tomato based sauces.

2. Carry snacks with you when you go out or even when you go to office. You will get hungry and then you may be tempted by unhealthy snacks that are available at hand. If you have some fruit or a protein or nut bar with you, this is better for you. This will also help you eat more frequently, which helps your blood sugar remain normal.

3. Don’t overeat. Eat only till 80% full.

4. Increase the proportion of fruit and veg in your meals. Lots of greens are high in nutrients and low in fat and sugar.

5. Eat early; try and have your last meal of the day 3 hours before bed time.

6. Have a vitamin and/or mineral supplement to compensate for environment toxins, poor nutritional quality of food, etc.