New ‘Elixir Of Life’ Tested On Mice

In an encouraging new study, it was found that offering mice water spiked with a cocktail of three amino acids helped them live longer than other mice, who were not given the same diet supplement. This ‘Elixir of Life’ has not yet been tried on human beings and larger trials are required to convince doctors.

In the study, a cocktail of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine were administered along with drinking water to middle aged male mice and this according to Dr Enzo Nisoli, of the University of Milan, and other researchers, had a positive impact on the mice.

Not only was their average life span seen to increase by 12%, their coordination and fitness levels also went up.

20 amino acids make up proteins, and these three have been seen to increase the life span of other life forms as well, such as yeast. Amino acids are also used for muscle and body building. Supplement consisting of amino acids are popularly bought in fitness and health food stores. How this works precisely is not yet fully understood.

This study raises hopes of a similar use of amino acids in humans, for control and prevention of age related diseases and disorders.