You Don’t Look A Day Older

Music to our ears, right? Words all of us would love to hear, but rarely do. With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, more and more people hear those words, but for some people out there, surgery is not an option. So what do you do? Where can you turn? This is where the major cosmetic manufacturers step in.

Many companies have developed age-defying makeup and creams that actually work. Typically, these products use combination of chemicals and natural ingredients to help you combat the signs of aging, without the expense and inherent risks of cosmetic surgery.

They all promise to show you a more youthful, beautiful you, and who could resist that? Do they deliver on their promise? Well, any positive effect of applying makeup is naturally temporary.

Of course, you will have to apply the makeup or cream on a daily basis and its beauty enhancing effects are washed off every evening. This can get expensive, as some of these products are not cheap.

You should also be aware that they do not all live up to their promises, some not even for a day. There are some age-defying creams that sell for hundreds of pounds. Of course, you get what you pay for, and you would think that the more expensive the product, the more likely it is to work. That is not always true, and proper research into the products is recommended. Typically, the actual formula used is kept secret.

After all, a trade secret is a trade secret. Botafirm is a popular ingredient, as is an amino-peptide compound, and most include SPF protection. A lot of the age-defying products on the market are meant to be used with other age-defying products.

So if you buy the cream of one brand, you may also have to buy the foundation and the powder of that same brand to achieve the effects that they promise. For those of us who prefer a more natural beauty, rather than one that is obviously found with makeup, that may be more than a little irritating. After all, that is at least three coats of makeup on your face, and that may prove heavy or uncomfortable for some of us. As an alternative, major cosmetic companies have lately branched out into mineral based makeup, and the cosmetic industry has exploded with all the possibilities.

There is some controversy, however, as to the actual benefits of using mineral based makeup. There are some consumers who rave about how light, natural, and long lasting the glow is after using this type of makeup, and that it simply can’t be duplicated by any other product. Others, however, offer complaints about how it dries out your skin, causes irritation, and even accentuates wrinkles and adds years to your appearance. It has even been reported that the colors have an ashy undertone.

It is never easy being beautiful, is it? With marketing strategies bombarding you with half truths and outright lies, shopping for the best beauty aid is becoming increasingly difficult. Researching your options is always a good idea, and could save you money and time in the long run.

The truth is that you can look in the mirror and see a certain image and yet turn to the side and look completely different. There are many people that feel insecure because of this and they seek cosmetic surgery to fix it.

However, sometimes more drastic changes are needed and can involve multiple small feature changes that will come together to pull off a complete look. In some instances though, there might be just one part in particular you feel is holding you back, and in either case there are ways to have these corrected.

Your first step is to research a cosmetic surgeon in your area, making sure they are certified and have experience in the type of surgery you are requesting. This information can be done by searching on the internet or by calling the office and asking those questions yourself.

Once you have done this you will want to set up an initial visit, or consultation, to discuss your options. When you go for a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon you will be able to discuss what you feel is upsetting to you, and get advice from a trained professional.

Don’t be pressured however into making extra changes that you don’t feel are necessary. A good cosmetic surgeon knows what is best for your physical and emotional health. From here you will be started down the road to obtaining your new profile.

As stated earlier, there are certain features that attribute to your profile; one of those is your nose. The main issue being the length; having a nose that is too long or too short can cause issues with your profile.

Another feature is your chin, and it basically follows the same path as your nose. Having a chin that sticks out too far can cause a huge imbalance with your face, as with a small chin, just in the opposite direction. You then may want to look at your neck. If you have loose skin or extra fullness in your neck, you can appear larger than you really are, making you look disproportionate.

All of these issues can impact your profile and are all correctable. There are additional features that were not discussed that could also be hindering your desires and can be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon as well.

With technology today, these cosmetic procedures can be performed quickly and with minimal healing time. Just make sure to weigh your options and choose the surgeon that will fit your needs and desires, and make sure to ask plenty of questions. Being fully prepared will help guide you through your journey for a better profile.