Exercise Can Defeat The Fat Gene

It is true that many of us are genetically predisposed to obesity and being overweight. However, this is no reason to just sit around and bemoan your fate; recent research has found that exercise can reduce obesity risk.

It is possible to offset this genetic predisposition, even a strong one, by being physically active.

Researchers identified several different variants relating to obesity, and each was seen to increase obesity risk by 16% in those people who are sedentary.

However, that risk saw a 40% reduction among those people who exercised for an hour or more per day.

Earlier studies on the subject have focused on just one gene variant; viz. FTO (fat mass and obesity). Now however many more genetic variants are also thought to impact obesity and each increases obesity risk. So the more variants you have, the likelier you are to be obese.

In spite of this however, DNA is not destiny; and one can make lifestyle alterations to bring about better health.

So if your parents are of were obese, this is not only due to genetic predisposition but also due to lifestyle. You cannot change the former, but you can control the latter!