Technology And The Future Of Healthcare

Till not so long ago, they would have been in the realm of science fiction. Now, however they are a reality, the way that technology is being incorporated into healthcare to make it more accessible, more accurate, easier and quicker.

This article speaks about how technology is changing the way health care works already:

  • The basic cell phone is enabled with texting facilities so that you can send and receive information easily from a healthcare provider if you don’t want to miss a day of work or the location is inconvenient to visit.
  • Then there is the trend called the Handheld Hospital” which employs simple hardware for supplementing health care. This includes being able to add a microscope to a camera phone to detect cancer and using cell phone software to diagnose pneumonia.
  • Vast quantities of medical information will also be able to be handled more easily and efficiently. Applications such as the Bant iPhone app can keep track of blood sugar levels. GE’s Healthymagination map of healthcare problem areas helps define your options regarding medical issues.

Doubtless there will be more and more exciting innovations in the field of healthcare, as technology becomes even more accurate and efficacious and more importantly even more easily accessible to more people in more areas of the world.