Is The Electronic Cigarette Safe?

Are you a cigarette smoker? The electronic cigarette found everywhere on online stores, malls, and even kiosks may be good news for you, but the important question is, is it safe? The electronic cigarettes actually look like the authentic ones at first glance, it is colored white with a brown filter and its tip glows once it is puffed and you literally blow off smoke when you exhale! Do you wonder what it is made of?

Electronic cigarette is also called e-cigarette, a battery operated equipment that makes use of varying solutions to create the smoke you puff out.

Solutions may also contain the pure liquid nicotine that is found in the original tobacco cigarette. The difference is you don’t inhale the tobacco smoke and tar, rather, just the pure nicotine vapor. But, is this really safe? The US FDA has not approved it, since it is very new and there is no proof of its safety; plus it is made from China, where a lot of manufactured products have been questioned for safety in the past.

Some people say it’s the best replacement for the cigarette, because you get to feel the similar effects and get a treat for your oral fixation, but without the toxic contents of the real tobacco.

Some doubt its safety, because it makes use of solutions whose vapor you inhale have not been approved and side effects have not been studied closely. Who knows, it could be worse? And still some say, the best way is still to quit altogether and you can get help from a health professional and get the nicotine replacement with FDA approval.

The manufacturers have issued a statement that says, they are not here to help smokers quit but they assure that their products do not cause cancer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on the other hand, issued a statement in 2008 calling for more safety testing. “If the marketers of the electronic cigarette want to help smokers quit, then they need to conduct clinical studies and toxicity analyses,” the statement said.

To help answer the safety issues on e-cigarettes, researchers from the US have been conducting laboratory testing for over a year now on the nicotine solution used to give better options for the users.

The product is to be called Invisismoke, where they will use 100% natural extracts of nicotine from purely organic tobacco plants. They are also working on acquiring the FDA approval before it is out in the market.

The best option is still to quit smoking, if you are considering living healthy. But, if you find it difficult to quit at the moment, better to wait for the products that have been tested and approved for use.