Fusarium Infection – What Is It?

If you have heard of fusariam, a fungal infection, chances are you have heard of it in the horticultural context. In a number of vegetable plants and shrubs, even some flowering plants, this infection can cause the leaves to become discolored and die.

However this is not the only reason to be concerned; fusarium is also to be found to be affecting humans.

Coming into contact with the fungus, eating something that was infected with the fusarium fungus, is what causes the infection.

Among those individuals who have normal immunity and the requisite white blood cell count, the infection may be seen to appear in a milder form.

Generally the nails and the cornea of the eyes are seen to be affected. Conditions such as Onychomycosis which is a fungal infection of the nail – particularly toe nails – could be the result of a fusarian infection.

Conditions of the eye such as keratomycosis (inflammation of the cornea) or mycotic keratitis could also result from this fungal infection.

The infection could be worse and more widespread with people who have compromised immune systems.

Maintain good hand and food hygiene to avoid infection. Dry properly after washing, don’t wear tight shoes and change socks frequently.