Five Finger Shoes – Good For Health?

Five Finger Shoes look something like gloves for the feet and at first sight look strange; making you wonder if they’re really any good or even comfortable to wear.

This is a flexible shoe that conforms to the contours and shape of the human foot. It is a barefoot alternative shoe, which was originally designed for sailing and climbing.

According to the manufacturers of these five finger shoes, these shoes are good for play and exercise and are designed to stimulate the muscles of the feel and lower legs.

It is also claimed that these shoes can help make the muscles stronger and healthier and even help improve agility and balance.

It is thought that this comes as close to barefoot running as possible. Barefoot running is thought to be safer and may result in fewer injuries studies have shown. This is because barefoot running is biomechanically sounder from an energy and force distribution point of view.

It has been found that barefoot running improves the foot’s soft tissue support structures and strengthens the foot. The claim is that Five Finger shoes offer the same benefits as barefoot running.

So if you’re not worried about being stared at strangely this may be a purchase worth your while.