Down Syndrome Treatment And Therapies

Parents who have children with Down Syndrome probably gave up all hope of ever having their children cured since even after years of studying this unique condition, no cure has been found.

Although Down syndrome can never be cured, Down syndrome treatment and therapies are around to help you and your child cope.

This special condition can greatly affect the parents’ lives. It is very challenging to have a child with Down syndrome but you can always make things better for you and your child with the right Down syndrome treatment and therapies like the following:


The important Down syndrome treatment is making sure that all prescribed medication from the doctor to the patient is strictly followed. Because patients diagnosed with Down syndrome have a very delicate health, it therefore makes them susceptible to various diseases. Also, by taking these prescribed medications, you are ensuring that the health problem that your patient has already acquired is being treated properly. However, these medications are only to improve his health problems and have no effect in the patient’s disorder.

Surgical Treatment

In some cases, a surgical procedure is needed to give the appropriate Down syndrome treatment especially to patients that have congenital heart disease.

This type of Down syndrome treatment is not always necessary and is only applicable to selected patients especially those diagnosed with severe health conditions and the only way to improve their health is through surgery.

Physical Therapy

One very good Down syndrome treatment that has been proven to be effective is a physical therapy that intends to improve the patient’s physical capabilities.

As a patient continues to undergo this therapy, this will practice their motor development that will help the patient adapt to the proper movement of their body and prevent them from having serious body problems in the future.

Speech Therapy

Another effective Down syndrome treatment is speech therapy. Since most patients diagnosed with Down syndrome have difficulties in speaking, a speech therapist can help them improve their communication skills.

If the patient is completely unable to communicate properly due to birth defects, an alternative way of communicating is through sign language.

Counseling and support groups

Because this disorder can never be cured, one very helpful Down syndrome treatment is through counseling and support groups.

This type of social activity will encourage you more and give you a better understanding about your condition. Bringing along family members or people that are close to you will make this process give more confidence to you.

Helping a patient cope up with his or her disorder needs proper understanding from the caregiver as well.

The caregiver should take every opportunity to learn more about the patient’s condition so that they can give best care and attention that a patient really needs.

Regular visits to the doctor will help improve your health and get advices on how to continue to care yourself for your special needs.

Another reason why regular checkups is required in giving the proper down syndrome treatment for the patient is that it prevents the chances of the patient in acquiring serious health problems that at worst cases can lead to premature death.