Beware Of The Acai Supplements

This article reveals the real truth about the Acai supplements, the supposed miracle supplement that is supposed to help shed pounds, and stave off illness. Also the article makes it clear that no specific products related to the berry have actually been endorsed by either Oprah Winfrey or Rachel Ray, contrary to what the product websites would have you believe. As well, the colon cleanse supplement cannot prevent colon cancer.

The unscrupulous conduct of the company called Central Coast Nutraceuticals has been put a stop to by a court order that has ordered the company not to make all of these bogus claims based on an FTC complaint.

Many has also been conned into a “Free trial” of the product which is nothing but a scam to induce people to unknowingly place a monthly order for the product, which order it is not even possible to cancel! The company will not be able to scam people anymore with the court order in place.

There is actually no scientific evidence that the Acai berry can do anything that they claim it can and while it is healthy and nutritious to eat, it will not make you lose weight or perform any of the miracles that it is supposed to.