Watch Out For The Pesky Mosquitoes!

As July 4 approaches and outdoor celebrations of all kinds are on the anvil, the one important thing that you should be watching out for is mosquitoes.

With many parts of the United States having had very warm summers, and higher than normal rainfall in the spring, mosquitoes and the diseases they bring are to be guarded against, we are warned.

This year the mosquito population is higher than normal health department officials warnings are, and there is a possibility of them spreading infections such as West Nile etc.

A significant proportion of mosquitoes examined were seen to serve as vectors of diseases such as West Nile.

Apart from infections, mosquito bites can be painful and in many cases cause problematic allergic reactions.

So when you head for parades and picnics and other celebrations this year, remember to be careful to use appropriate mosquito repellant as and when possible.

Also if possible, remember to cover up well by wearing long sleeves and long pants. For very small babies, whose delicate skin may preclude application of insect repellant; apply it on their clothing and shoes / socks. This can also accord some protection and repel mosquitoes.