Use Your Cell Phone For Good Health

With a cell phone being in practically every hand, researchers are now looking at how best to harness their potential for helping people with their health related issues using cell phone apps to fight chronic disease.

Dr. Richard Katz of George Washington University Hospital is trying to use internet connectivity of cell phones to treat inner city diabetics, using what he calls “Medical Minutes”.

Mobile health or mHealth as it is also known is the newest mantra for aiding you in your road to fitness and good health – your cell phone can help remind you when it is time to take your medicine and even track your activity the same way that a pedometer would.

For instance Tyrone Harvey, 43, who has was once hospitalized for diabetes, has struggled with the disease for 7 years now. He uses a web based health care record that is personalized and which he uses his cell phone for – this helps record his daily sugar levels.

When the levels cross a danger level he is alerted to this and then told what to do as well.  This personalized health care record is then examined by the health care provider during checkups and a suitable course of action is then decided based on this.