Telescope Implants Can Help Avert Blindness

A new technology may be able to help those with the sort of macular degeneration of the eyes that reduces loss of central vision – which can prevent TV viewing, book reading and then progresses on to making it difficult even to recognize faces.

Health officials in the US have approved technology that will keep blindness at bay, which basically consists of surgically implanting a telescope in the eye.

Since this would be inserted in one eye and the other would provide the requisite peripheral vision, there would be some rehabilitation work required after surgery to give the patient the ability to adjust to the implant.

There are over 2 million Americans who currently have macular degenerations, however this technology will be able to assist older patients; those who are 75 years of age and older and those who have suffered certain degree of vision loss.  A test will determine a person’s eligibility for the surgical transplant.

There will also be the requirement for the patient to agree to accept risk involved in the procedure by signing an agreement prior to having the surgery performed due to potential side effects.

For many who face the prospect of life without sight, the risk would be well worth its while though!