Reusable Totes – Bad For Health?

Just when you were getting used to doing the environment friendly thing by taking your own reusable tote to the store, you are now told that it isn’t good for your health after all!

According to a new study, reusable tote bags may actually be bad for your health. They may help in reducing the amount of disposable bags and other packaging items that you use, but reusable totes may contribute to the 76 million food borne illnesses that are annually reported in the United States.

Consider this – it may happen that you used your bag today to bring home some mince or any other raw meat. Then, the next day you used it to bring home some fruit.

The bag may contain bacteria from the meat that transfers to the fruit such as e coli, salmonella and so eating that fruit can cause illness for the family.

So use those totes regularly by all means, just make sure that you wash or clean them regularly. Also, when you buy meat, use plastic bags to carry it.

All fruits and veggies must be thoroughly rinsed in water before eating. So make sure that that tote is as good for your health as it is for the planet!