Miscarriages Affect Dads Too

The fact that expectant fathers can also bond with their unborn child is not a very well recognized one, however, a new study is now suggesting that miscarriages affect men as well.

It was found that men also can feel feeling s of sadness, loss, and helplessness when there is a pregnancy loss, though it wasn’t clear how long their distress lasted or how severe it was.

In a recent study conducted at the Prince of Wales hospital in Hong Kong, tests were conducted to gauge the levels of psychological distress among men as well as women.

The results of the study showed that as many as 40% of men who had had a partner experience a miscarriage showed significant psychological distress, even though none of them had any history of mental disturbance or illness. However, the men were seen to recover more quickly from the loss and at 3 months after the miscarriage, only 7% of the men were still seen as distressed.

Among the women who suffered a miscarriage, 52% were distressed by their pregnancy loss and at 3 months thereafter, 20% were still significantly distressed.

It was found that in the case of a planned pregnancy ending in miscarriage, the chances of the man suffering depression were highest.