Gel To Replace Teeth Fillings?

French scientists have developed a gel for decayed teeth that may mean the end of tooth fillings as we know it, this is a substance that works by prompting teeth to start multiplying and restore teeth to their original state.

Scientists at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Paris tested the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, or MSH to see if it could restore the structure and material of decayed teeth in the laboratory.

The scientists claim that using their new method they were able to restore teeth to their previous state within just a month!

The MSH hormone was taken and mixed with a chemical called poly-L-glutamic acid and then transformed into a gel which was then applied to actual extracted tooth cells.

Also lab rats with cavities were used in a separate study to see the efficacy of the gel on teeth. It was found, amazingly that the cavities in the rodents had disappeared within just one month.

Though the product appears to be very promising and could offer a really revolutionary new treatment in dental care, it still has to undergo clinical trials. It could be available for use some years down the line, but no sooner than 3 to 5 years.