Effective Diet Plan For Diabetics

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) affects a lot of people due to genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle. Whatever type your diabetes is, diet plays an important role in its management.

There is no definite and perfect diet plan but there are pointers you can remember to help you control your blood glucose (or blood sugar) and here are some of them:

1. You can eat with the family the same healthy foods on the table provided, however, considering the amount you take is the key.

2. As a rule of thumb set your plate with variety of colors in mind, this means more vegetables and fruits, moderate amount of meat and poultry, and less of fats. Keep in mind though that fruits are to be taken in portions only, not in whole.

3. Stay away from carbohydrates, of the three food groups these have a greater influence on your blood glucose level.

4. If you must drink alcohol, do it only on occasions you cannot avoid and provided that your blood glucose at the time is controlled.

5. Learn how to count or estimate the caloric content of the food you take, the serving sizes allowed and how to do food substitutes. You may ask your health provider or nutritionist dietician to teach you how to make a good diet meal plan. You may also buy a booklet that will guide you daily on doing it.

6. Learn to appreciate high fiber foods like whole wheat, grains and cereals as they are so friendly to your body and controls not only your blood glucose, but cholesterol as well.

7. Never skip meals because this will only make you feel deprived and then binge, instead eat in small frequent feedings.

8. Always read food labels when you buy products, check the sugar and carbohydrate content they have.

9. Lastly, never miss on your medication, daily monitoring of blood glucose level and your appointment with your health provider.

In addition to your diet you must keep your blood pressure in control and have a regular exercise to keep you in best health condition and in good shape.