The 3 Stages Of Dementia Signs

Dementia is a condition wherein a person suffers memory loss and loses the ability to predominantly do normal daily functions through a certain course of time.

People who suffer dementia usually have traumatic brain injuries or may result as a matter of aging in humans. Dementia signs are usually associated with older individuals but can show up as early as adulthood.

Dementia signs are usually confusing to begin with. The reason being is that the person may seem evidently normal wherein the symptoms may well be brushed off and taken for granted.

This is especially true if the person suffering from this condition is in their adulthood stages or middle ages. Actions which seem to be normal may become something serious in the near future.

As stated earlier, dementia signs usually occur in people who have suffered brain injuries. This may be possible due to accidents and such. In most cases, the condition may elevate through progressive means.

Studies have shown that those that show dementia signs are usually the ones who have history of psychosis or anxiety. There are abrupt changes in logical thinking and behavioral attitudes that usually relate themselves to psychosis or anxiety.

Dementia signs are associated with the symptoms of those that could and may be suffering from the condition. There are different stages in dementia that each and every individual should watch out for.

One thing to take note is that, through proper evaluation, dementia could very well be mistaken for delirium that could be determined through monitoring the individuals themselves. Here are the basic dementia signs that should be monitored:

Early dementia signs

These are also known as the first stages of dementia itself. Perhaps the first indicator of this condition would be the loss of short-term memory. This stage is also associated by those who lose track of simple words to define certain things.

They may have difficulty in doing things that are rather easy like driving, cooking or doing simple chores at home. First sign of odd behavior and mood swings are also evident.

Intermediate dementia signs

This is where the condition elevates to the next level. People afflicted in this stage of dementia usually have moments of depression and hallucinations.

They also suffer from the inability to do daily functions such as clothing themselves, bathing themselves, and other situations alike. They have problems compensating new ideas and information.

Severe dementia signs

This is the worst stage of dementia possible. People in this stage can pose to be dangerous to themselves and others around them.

In most cases, individuals in this stage are entirely dependent on everything they do such as eating and other daily functions. Walking by themselves is an absolute impossibility and need help every time.

For those who do not know much about dementia, it would be wise to have yourself checked. There are a lot of possible dementia signs that might seem to be normal and can easily be brushed off. The only real way to figure out the real situation is to have a thorough check-up.