Short? Be Extra Careful Of Your Health, Say Researchers

There is no question that lifestyle habits such as smoking, high blood pressure and obesity are the most important factors that increase heart disease risk, but apparently there is another factor that may affect heart health as well: researchers have found that a person’s height impacts their risk of having heart trouble.

This recent study confirms findings made in other studies that have linked a person’s height to health problems such as heart attacks, angina and angioplasties. Data from 52 previous studies and 3 million subjects was collated to arrive at this finding about height.

Given the racial characteristics of a given population, if a person was found to be short when taken in relation with the rest of the population the shorter people may be one and half times more likely to have heart problems or die from heart disease when compared with taller people.

Short people (under 5 feet 3 inches) are more at risk than tall people (over 5 feet nine inches of height).

The researchers clarified that the aim was not to scare the vertically challenged among us; merely to warn that shorter people ought to be more careful of their lifestyle and habits.