Health Secrets of The Longest Living People 2

Here is part 2 of the secrets of a long and healthy life, a look at the lifestyle habits of those among us that live longest as compiled by Forbes:

6. Do Puzzles: Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. You can keep your brain agile and in good working order by doing puzzles, quizzes, math games; anything to stretch and challenge your mind.

7. Have long, strong relationships: People who have long, loving marriages and strong friendships are known to live longer lives, perhaps because of better emotional health.

Being close to family and an active social life is great for your health!

8. Love your Work: If you find your work unenjoyable or stressful, maybe you should be doing something else? Do something that you enjoy and which fulfills you for a healthier life

9. Be spiritual: whether it’s going to church, just meditating or any other spiritual activity, it is important to take restful time to commune with your inner self. Faith based, relaxing practice each day is also very good for your health

10. Cut out the negativity: Don’t interfere with others, don’t look back and rue your mistakes, and look forward in an attitude of positivity.

These are the tenets that those with the longest, healthiest lives themselves live by.